Back at the Post!

14 02 2009

It has been great being back at the for my second semester. This semester I will be working on similar projects—mostly video editing for OnLeadership and helping out with web development and editing. I also attend all of the taping of our interview series for OnLeadership where I get to meet a lot of prominent leaders in the United States. Some of the people I have met thus far include, Fred Smith (CEO of Fed EX), Marilyn Carlson Nelson (CEO of Carlson), Steven Fauci (prominent scientist), Ken Duberstein (Chief of Staff in the Reagan administration), Henry Paulson (Former Secretary of the Treasury), Maria Zuber (NASA leader) among others. Video Series.
I get to see the production of these video interviews from start to finish. I help search for new people to schedule, set up the studio for taping, and eventually go through the editing process. It is extremely rewarding to see something you have worked so hard on finally get published on the site with your name tagged under it.
Today I worked on moving some of the contents of “OnFaith” over to new web templates that we will hopefully be launching in early March. Currently, OnFaith and PostGlobal (two of the sites I work on) are hosted on older templates. We are in the process of giving both of these sites a face-lift modeled after our newer sites OnLeadership and TheLeague. This is a very time consuming and tedious task—but it’s a really exciting move for everyone.
One of my favorite parts about working at the is that I have never been treated like an intern. They always include me in team meetings and always value my opinion. When I do give feedback, it is always taken into consideration. I also found that it is important to voice your opinion, even if they don’t take your idea seriously at the beginning, be persistent. My boss has noted once or twice that he admires how I don’t give into them. If I’m passionate about something happening, and I give a good, well-structured argument, more than once my boss has revisited the idea.




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