The Office Meeting: You Can Make a Difference, too!

7 03 2009

One of my favorite parts about working at the Washington as an intern is that I always feel included. I’m never treated like an intern–always like an employee. This week at the Post, I spent a lot of my time in meetings. They were meetings of all different sizes, with all different people, and on a variety of topics. I often found myself asking, “How does anything get done in the working world when all people do is sit around a desk and talk?” However, at the end of the week I realized how important each one of these meetings were to the overall success of the business.

The meetings ranged from one-on-one conferences about a video segment I was working on. There was also a team meeting where the seven people from my team, Interactivity talked about what we were working on and if we were encountering any “roadblocks.” There was also an “All-editorial” meeting that nearly fifty people that work on the main page attended. This meeting was particularly interesting because the managing editor of the Washington Post company was there addressing many of the issues that are going on with the merger. (Currently, the Washington Post (print edition) and the are housed in separate buildings. Dot com is in a very modern office in Arlington while the newspaper offices are downtown. To save money in the economic downturn, the two are now merging into the downtown offices. Many people are fearful of losing their jobs and about the move in general.)

From my experiences this past week, I realized how important these meetings are–not only for the success of the company, but for me as an intern. I think that being a part of these meetings is helping me develop an understanding of how the media world, and any business works and functions. When you’re at your internship don’t be afraid to ask to be involved. Maybe the content doesn’t exactly pertain to you, but it’s a great learning experience. And you never know, you may have something interesting to contribute, too! Oftentimes, the editors and producers will ask my opinion especially when they are talking about our generation or when they are trying to target younger audiences. (And they always want our help when it comes to technology!) So stick your nose in, get involved, and don’t be afraid to contribute!

Well I’m off to spring break! But look for my next post on March 20th. And on March 18th visit to see my newest video featuring John Thompson Sr. just in time for March Madness!

Until next time…




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