Never Far Away from the Office

21 03 2009

I was back at the since spring break–and I can honestly say, it felt like I never left. I find it funny that no matter how far away I am, the wonderful world of web and e-mail always keeps me close. I felt almost guilty for leaving last week to go home for break, because I don’t see my time at the Post like an internship. It is, ultimately, a job to me. And it’s not just on Wednesdays and Fridays. I knew I wanted to be treated like co-worker and not like an intern, so I don’t mind taking the responsibilities that come along with that–even if it does mean waking up early on spring break to respond to e-mails, check in at the office, and continue working on the projects I had been assigned.

This week I worked on something new. I learned how to produce Washington Post’s live online discussions. While it is a very complex and sometimes stressful process, I really liked working at a fast-pace and see something turnover so quickly in return. I also really liked interacting with the users of the site as well as some of the columnists and special guests at the Post. The has an entire section devoted to Live Discussions where a variety of topics are posted each week and then users can send in their questions. After going through the questions, I do a few grammatical edits and then pass them on to the host who  answers them. Sometimes users ask followup questions. Some chats are busier than others. For instance, all of the NCAA basketball chats were very busy this week, whil the chat about fantasy baseball was a little slow (sorry, I have a little sports bias). So far, I really like being involved as a producer of these live discussions. If you have the chance, participate! I’ll keep you updated if there are any good ones coming up.

In addition, here is the link to my John Thompson Sr. video as promised. It was featured on the homepage this week, and may even get the top spot in the player this weekend!

Next week I’ll be visiting the Aspen Institute where we will tape two more guest for our Leadership video series. Stay tuned for links 🙂

Til’ then…Happy Spring!




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