Jealousy in the Workplace

4 04 2009

I have been an intern at the for about 7 months now. During those seven months I have had  countless unforgettable experiences and had the chance to meet a lot of great people. My boss(s) have always responded positively to my work and my work ethic, and they have always guided me in my work, but trusted me just the same. However, for the first time since being there, I felt a little jealous towards our other intern who just started in Januray. I have been working on the video interviews at the for most of my time there, but this past weekend she was asked to go to NY for a last-minute video shoot.

Jealousy is the worst, non-cathartic emotion to have. And although it made me temporarily feel sorry for myself, it made me determined to work harder. I am only a freshman, and she’s a senior, a friend told me–but that is no excuse I will ever let myself use. I think that is an important thing for anyone to have. No matter how old you are or how experienced you may be, in the end, hard work and determination will always persevere. I will take this experience with me as I continue to endeavor on other internships and jobs.

Chances are, especially in today’s market, there will continue to be fierce competition. But that is nothing this generation isn’t used to. The only thing we could do is learn from every experience we have and take it with us. I never believed in the term “forgive and forget” because every experience we have makes us the people we are.

Plus>> A link to the latest piece I contributed to, “Twittering CEOs”:




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